strawberry ted summer

personal projects

πŸ— liztz

Vue, Netlify, AWS Lambda

A lightweight note taking application centered around lists.


πŸ— tasks

Vue, Netlify, Data Visualization

A timeline estimator for multiple tasks. Uses Monte Carlo simulations to estimate when a collection of tasks will be complete. Mostly an exercise in creating fluid UI/UX.


πŸ— GitHub Actions by Example

GitHub Actions, Golang

GitHub Actions by Example is an introduction to GitHub’s Actions and Workflows through annotated example YAML files. I wrote a custom HTML generator in Golang to generate the documentation from YAML files.

GitHub Actions by Example


Netlify, JavaScript, Golang, AWS Lambda

A game where players build themed music playlists with friends. Had some fun writing a custom router in Golang.



A tool to have conversations with yourself.


Golang, sqlite

Creating and maintaining databases for toy projects is a pain. is a (fugly) free service for creating sqlite databases and querying them through HTTP requests.



Post-it note taking and reminders app.


πŸ— pixel synth

JavaScript, C++

A simple video synth. Horrible UI, but it works! Written both for the browser as well as native app using OpenFrameworks.

pixel synth



Twitter bot which solves another Twitter bot’s ASCII mazes.


pentaku js

JavaScript, HTML Canvas

Play against a friend or naive bots in pentago, gomoku, and other grid based games.

pentaku js